Some of our competitors would use fancy headlines to attract you here.  We don't.

We prefer to let our technical expertise do the talking, thanks to our specialist team of athletes and fitness enthusiasts continuously influencing the features of the Health Haven application.

How can we promise you ROI?

By either working directly on the platform or with our in-house developers, our team and growing community are continuously having a direct say in the direction that the Health Haven app is taking. This means you can be sure that your struggles and needs as a fitness professional are at the heart of everything we do - with everything we offer you promising to solve your problems, piece by piece.

What exactly are you getting?

A complete, no-nonsense all in one app that promises to save you time, add value to your services as a fitness professional and make you more money. How?


  • Search for, find and connect with new clients from a growing database - the only app to let you do this
  • Manage clients from a user-friendly dashboard - including checking their progress and sending them DMs
  • Offer out the services you know and love at prices chosen by you, including workout and meal planning, 1-2-1s and massages
  • Full workout and meal plan customisation. Think body target areas, sets, reps, cheat days, automatic calorie calculations and more
  • Payments processed automatically to you every 2 weeks