Data Insights

Don't get left behind.

From in-house data gathering, aggregation and analysis to high quality, fresh clients and leads mailed to you monthly - we don't call ourselves tech experts for nothing.

Get industry-leading knowledge,direct to you

We continuously analyse data on the health and fitness sector, allowing us to build aesthetic, intuitive visualisations of crucial metrics from many different data sources (think surveys, online posts, articles and more) to better inform you of the latest industry consensus. After all, being a professional in your industry means understanding it from top to bottom, and with added knowledge comes yet more efficiency gains through positioning yourself and your niche optimally.


  • Trainee and Athlete makeup, including ages, interests, skills, injuries, current desires from fitness and more.
  • Examination into the use of different technologies to assist with the achievement of fitness goals, the improvement of connectivity and the generation of money.
  • General consumer trends, daily, including up-to-date reviews of global fitness sentiment.

Get more clients, then make them your clients

We understand that, whilst working long days and striving to offer the best service you can, that finding the time to market yourself and your services can be tricky. That's why we want to take that hassle away for you - specifically by sending you a personal list of leads, direct to your inbox, once a month. From then on, the game is yours to play.


  • 10 high quality leads sent to your inbox once a month.
  • Refine your leads according to your own niche and desires.

Waste less time.

Got a boring task that you keep repeating every hour, day, week thats taking up your precious time and energy? (Don't worry, we've all been there). We are here to automate these laborious, unnecessarily manual tasks for you to keep focussing on whats important to you.

As part of our Premium Package, you can drop us a message at any time to find out if we can give you a hand with a task you've noticed keeps coming up.