Affiliate Packages

Let us do the work for you.

As a qualified fitness professional, we know the going gets tough. Working long hours with clients 1-2-1, as well as squeeing in time to drive towards your own fitness goals whilst maintaining a sufficient amount of time for yourself can feel like a constant uphill battle.

That's why we've partnered with a diverse range of domestic, top-quality nutritional supplement retailers to provide you exclusive access to affiliate packages - making your fitness endeavour, whether it be as a self-employed hustler or as part of a long term brand vision, more profitable.  

How does it work?

Let us introduce you

With a complimentary consultation with one of our expert full-time advisers after joining, your personal ambitions, values and standards will be used as a framework for finding you a long-term, meaningful relationship with a brand that makes you proud to be a part of. We value personal relationships at Health Haven, so you can forget any automated customer service representatives or long waiting times. You'll quickly be put in touch with senior members of the allocated company and you can expect to get started in no time.

Swipe right for career growth

Given our closely-nit relationships with our partners, you can rest assured that you'll be provisioned with quality, specialist products that will help you leverage your presence - both online and with your clients face-to-face as you offer them value they wouln't have otherwise had.

Increase your exposure by harnessing the power of companies that have your back, provide you exclusivity in your work and refer you on to a newly expanding network for yet more opportunities.

Get the reward and validity only you deserve.

Whether its through the resale of top-quality products onto your clients to increase the strength of your revenue channels, digital marketing offers or simply the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labour and have access to discounted supplements - you'll be sure to be getting continuous, real value from your newly established affiliation deals.

Affiliate deals are available only for trainers subscribed to our Standard or Premium packages.