Meet the Founder. 

A mix of student creativity with relentless determination.

After spending much of his time throughout University making the most of the huge amount of different sports presented to him, from motor sports to boxing, Edward became increasingly aware of struggles faced by fitness professionals at a University level that turned out to be prevelant in the wider industry.  It became very clear that as fitness is becoming more accessible through greater awareness of its importance, reduced fees and better technology, and as more qualified fitness instructors come onto the market, yet more are faced with a dilemma:


Modern day client management tools are either too expensive or lacklustre.  


So, with a mission to bring an intuitive, affordable, and rewarding platform to fitness professionals new to the industry, Edward had the hope that with a more efficient operating model that high quality perosonal training and fitness ervices can be made more realistic options for the everyday fitness trainee - and from this, with the help and feedback of countless sports coaches, professional athletes, masseuses and many other fitness enthusiasts - he developed Health Haven. Time, money and energy savers for the Fitness Industry.