An industry-leader - managing people, projects and time, with a stunning industrial track record 

With an incredibly strong and impressive educational and professional history across multiple sectors, including technology and automotive, Edmund was comfortably the most broadly experienced  and knowledgeable member of the Health Haven team upon joining over a year ago. Most significantly, he has continuously proved a wealth of value for the company from day 1, demonstrating a crucial mix of technical skills, natural business acumen and mindset and most notably project management expertise.

Edmund makes meaningful analogies between principles he has picked up from automotive and successfully applying them to the management of both our onshore and offshore development teams. Edmund has a great determination, drive and charisma that has made it an absolute pleasure to both work with him and develop a personal relationship with him, and I am certain he can bring a significant amount of value to any team he may join in the future.


Edmund DSouza

Strategy and Management