Simply Supps

Who are they?
Simply Supps

Why do we love them?
In case you haven’t noticed yet – what we eat, sleep and breathe at Health Haven – is tailored fitness products and services that get you where you want to be. That means out with the abundance of low cost, ineffective nonsense that appeals to the lowest common denominator, and in with specialist tools that are fail-safe.

About Simply Supps
If you live an active lifestyle then Simply Supps can help. They work with top fitness brands to bring you the best exclusive deals. Allowing our members to continually save with top brands in all areas of the fitness industry.

They have partnered with major supplement brands to bring you the most advanced supplement comparison listing. Allowing you to compare ingredients and prices, to find the most efficient supplements to support your fitness journey.

What’s in it for you?
Through SS, you can get quality, targeted micronutrients and health supplementation packaged and shipped safely to your door for the price of a few coffees. All you have to do is sign up.

Trainers? We haven’t forgotten about you. You can get a free month of premium Health Haven services just by signing up with SS. Not one to miss (or one to tell your training partners about, if you want to feel special).

We already know you’re serious about your health – that’s why you took the initiative to come to us. Now quit wasting time and make your quality of life that extra bit better with the right supplementation. Why not get your trainer to help you find the right product for you? When paired with them in the app, feel free to let them know your goals and needs and they’ll set you off in the right direction. Alternatively, our team of fully qualified fitness professionals are available at all times to advise you – just tap the orange chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

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