You're a Fitness Professional. You deserve better.


Time to stop being messed around by expensive tools, disengaged clients and wasted energy. Premium brings you an all-in-one source of time savings, cash generation and improved day-to-day efficiency as a fitness professional. 


Premium Features

Another App? No, the stalwart for your struggles.

 Get access to an all-in-one client management platform backed by leading health and fitness brands across the globe. Find new clients, charge what you want for your services, then manage them from the palm of your hand. 







Partnerships and Affiliations

Starting your relationship with us also kicks off your relationship with world class supplement and performance brands. We'll get you on the phone with the execs in charge of these institutions instantly after your free consultation with a member of the team. 

Data Insights and Tools

Get fresh leads delivered to you once a month according to your niche, tools to automate your workflow and data analysis packages mailed directly to your inbox from our technical team - only with Premium. Be at the forefront of health news and trends - and have the client base for you to show it off