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For the connoisseur.


Package includes:

  1. Listing on, with over 2000+ trainers + exclusive blog access
  2. Premium membership with our partners at Trainer Connect, for exposure and client reach in the U.S.
  3. Affiliate deals and resale opportunities with top nutritional supplement retailers
  4. Complete Data Insights package
  5. Exclusive special mentions and promotions across all of our social profiles and newsletter

4 reviews for Premium

  1. Steffan

    Great service especially as a newly qualified PT. I have access to clients worldwide through the use of just one app!

    Would recommend to all PT’s both established and unestablished, whatever the level.

  2. Marcus

    As someone looking for 1 on 1 training this app really helped me out! Interface was really intuitive and streamlined. Training itself was quality too, can’t wait to explore more of this app.

  3. Aasish Thapa

    I am a NHS worker and I am self isolating. I had a really hard time to spend my days. My activities came down to almost zero and my diet started to get messier. I gained 2 kgs in just a week. It was so kind and generous gesture by Edward that he personally wrote to me and offered to help (I had filled the online form to seek for a personal trainer). He was always motivational and stressed the importance of balanced diet. Edward personally made a diet plan according to my preferences and things that I can buy easily around me. I have never seen anyone so dedicated with their work and it seems he knew what he was doing. I am going to follow his plan and stick to it. I have full trust in the advice I ve been given as they are the most professional in this area. I recommend this service to everyone trying to live a healthy life. Not to be thought twice. Just get on with it. Get the app.
    “Trust me you guys wont regret”.

  4. R

    Great guy who takes a personal approach to create plans which are extremely personalised to the individual and what works for them. Very good communication and dietary advice. My plan was received within a few days and it had some great food tips and tricks in order for me to reach my body goals.

    Thank you so much mate.

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