Bed-Bound to Beast-Mode Home Workout Package

£30.00 £8.00

The complete lockdown bounce-back care package.



The ultimate at-home workout live stream series for any budding couch-potato, athlete or ambitious trainee looking to shake off lockdown’s toll on the body and get back to mean shape and performance.

We’ve partnered with the UK’s very own Nicki Georgiou (@wellnesswithnicki) to bring you a vicious workout series you can do from the comfort of your home.  For the price of three coffees a month you can expect strength and conditioning technique and development, HIIT sessions and mobility to give your overall health a 10x boost.

Package includes:

10+ workouts per month with fitness instructor and  lifestyle coach Nicki Georgiou, live streamed from any device on our platform.

Integrated consultation with Nicola through the Health Haven app for go-to advice anytime.

Discounts on world class supplements from Health Haven’s affiliates, for you to access all month!


After signing up you’ll be sent an email with a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q), as well as a link to the available supplement sites for you to take your pick from. The booking link for each workout will be mailed to you long in advance – it’s that simple. You just bring us the heat!


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