Hence Stacks

Who are they?
Hence Stacks.

Why do we love them?
No-nonsense products that do what they say on the tin, to say the least.

About Hence Stacks
From Zinc and Magnesium micronutrient combos to their signature Greens Stack and, more recently, the all-powerful Biostrap to monitor health metrics you didn’t think possible (think resting heart rate, Sp02, heart rate variability and more bundled into one) – Hence really do make a meaningful difference to the health and well being of many eager, budding athletes around the UK.

What’s in it for you?

What isn’t? As a trainer, take out a Lite or Premium membership with us, select Hence as your chosen business partners and step into a world of 15% discounts on all – yes, all – of the above, as well a free starter kit packed full of a select range of premium goodies to get you started. What are you waiting for?

We already know you’re serious about your health – that’s why you took the initiative to come to us. Now quit wasting time and make your quality of life that extra bit better with the right supplementation. Why not get your trainer to help you find the right product for you? When paired with them in the app, feel free to let them know your goals and needs and they’ll set you off in the right direction. Alternatively, our team of fully qualified fitness professionals are available at all times to advise you – just tap the orange chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

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