Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle shouldn't be a chore. 

That's exactly where we come in. Instead of traulling through heaps of generic, overprescribed information thrown out by digital platforms, start getting direct and tailored advice straight to you - whenever, wherever.

 With Health Haven, you can start getting the fitness services you require, whether it be workout or nutrition plans, 1-2-1 sessions, fitness advice or massages all through a single mobile app.

Quickly find a trainer, then make them work for you.

With Health Haven, you can easily search, find and connect with a qualified fitness professional according to location, expertise, budget and ratings from other users. Once connected, you can book in for service you desire, and pay-as-you go through the app.

Only settle for the prices that suit you, from a trainer that's there for you, all in one place. No hidden fees, no gimmicks.

You're in safe hands.

Every trainer on the Health Haven platform has been screened to ensure you only match with leading industry professionals, with the qualifications to back it up. From REP accredited Personal Training Level 3 Qualifications to CPD Courses in Massage and Nutrition, we've got it all.

Get your personal best - in all ways.

Only settle for the trainers you love at the prices you want. Smash your PBs with continuous contact with any trainer coupled with an  industry leading client management platform. Make things work for you with Health Haven. 

Still need convincing? We understand.

That's why we've given you a snippet of the many world class meal plans allocated by our trainer network to a growing range of different people, just like you, looking to achieve increasingly ambitious goals for their health - and having them come true with Health Haven.

The Conventional Weight Loss One

The 'Booty Grower' One