More Output. Less Strain.

Get a stronger stroke, faster throw, further kick or more powerful punch up to 35% faster with the Health Haven neurostimulation service. Harnessing neuroplasticity and machine learning to make you a more successful athlete.

What's all this about?

Step 1. Meet Your Halo 3 Headset

With literally 1000s of peer-reviewed research papers having conducted placebo-controlled studies into this headset's audacious claims, its undeniable - this piece of kit improves your peak athletic performance metric, and gets you there faster. How? Through triggering hyperplasticity in your brain. 


After an initial session using this to your heart's content and our team taking some crucial footage  of your session - we'll give it to you for 2 weeks to use as much as you want, and turnaround an initial findings report telling you what to do more and what to do less, before then diving deeper. Read on.

Step 2. Do What You Do Best

For the next 2 weeks, train like you normally would, making full use of an hour long neuropriming session prior to your training to maximise development of new synaptic pathways and improve muscle memory. At this stage its recommended to keep a diary of your performance each time you train, for cross-reference at the next stage.


Don't worry - our team will be to hand should you have any questions about using the headset. At the end of the two weeks, we'll arrange to collect the headset back from you.

Step 3. Improvement

We will shortly be in touch to organise a follow-up training session with you, where will (as best as we can) mimic the same conditions that you were subject to for the first session a few weeks earlier. Again, the crew will be on deck to take some crucial footage of your posture, movements and performance in each instance of engagement of activity for us to then build models out of the data we collect.


Within 2 weeks of the follow up, we will come back to you with a final report - telling you exactly what movements and techniques lead to better performance for you, as well as to what degree you improved over the time you had with the headset and what you can do going ahead. We will give you access to all of the data, reports and metrics (and break it down for you), so you can see to exactly what degree of accuracy we give you the feedback that we do.


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To date we've trained amateur golfers and pro MMA fighters, and our repertoire is only growing!